About Camelback Health Care

Our Mission

Camelback Health Care exists to redefine proactive medicine and optimized health care. We are passionate about enhancing each individual patient’s health care by incorporating comprehensive family medicine, anti-aging medicine, and wellness services. We want to help our patients Live Young™. Read on to learn more about Camelback Health Care.

Our Facility

Our facility resides in a modern and comfortable environment with highly skilled and friendly staff ready to assist in your healthcare needs. Our amenities are high tech, employing paperless electronic medical records, state-of-the-art vital signs monitoring system, EKG system, and automated patient portal system that will enhance communication between the doctor, staff, and the patient.

Our Website

The website itself is a wealth of information with continued additions and upgrades to patient education and self assessment offerings through this website and its linked affiliates.

Physicians & Providers

We are a different health care provider. We strive to provide the highest level of patient care while maintaining a friendly supportive environment for our patients. Our vision is to become the very best health optimization provider for the entire family. We are not content to just be a good family practice. We provide pro-active health care that incorporates family medicine, anti-aging medicine, and wellness. We are passionate about helping our patients Live Young and Live Well.

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