Watch The Video Of The Highly Acclaimed Ideal Protein Weight Loss Seminar!

Our patients are raving about this phenomenal weight loss program! It is the only medically managed weight loss program with FDA approved ingredients and the only one that resets the pancreas while preserving muscle mass.

  • Lose fat while maintaining muscle mass!
  • We guide patients with personal counseling!
  • We integrate medical management to ensure safety
  • Phase program including post weight loss maintenance!
  • Affordable and delicious food!

Don’t take our word for it – Here is one of our patients!

My past dieting experiences include Nutri-System, Jenny Craig, Opti-Fast, HCG twice! You name it, I’ve tried it! I have been on Ideal Protein for seven months now and lost nearly 100 pounds. Changing the way I look at food and the personal coaching about how the program works, along with how my body works eating various foods have been essential elements to the success of my weight loss.


*Disclaimer: While Camelback Health Care weight loss program is life changing and effective, the results may vary from patient to patient, depending on each individual’s motivation, medical condition, and ability to comply with the program. While it is the goal to help achieve weight loss success, some patients may not successfully complete the program or achieve weight loss. Not every patient will be a candidate for the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program. The results stated on this website is specific to each individual patient and is intended as an example. There is no guarantee that such specific results will be achieved for everyone.