Weight Loss Clinic Testimonials

Jill Gossett

My past dieting experiences include Nutri-System, Jenny Craig, Opti-Fast, HCG twice! You name it, I’ve tried it! I’ve always done a good job of losing weight but haven’t been able to keep it off for more than 3 months. I have been on Ideal Protein for seven months now and lost nearly 100 pounds. Changing the way I look at food and the personal coaching about how the program works, along with how my body works eating various foods have been essential elements to the success of my weight loss.

After the initial three weeks struggling with eating foods I wasn’t accustomed to eating, the meal regimen of the ideal protein program became much easier. I stopped craving rich foods, sweets, and carbohydrates. Now I look forward to my lunch and dinner with a huge salad and two big cups of vegetables. This is a true accomplishment for someone who didn’t like salads very much. My body started responding to the healthy nutrients and I began to crave the healthy foods. Today, I really look forward to my ideal protein shakes, and dessert protein bar options.

Dr. Kim has shared with me that if I don’t eat all of the food requested, I will not lose as much weight in any given week and he has been absolutely correct. This has been a new mindset for me since other diets rarely demand you eat all of the food. Once again, I attribute Dr. Kim with the wonderful education about how the body works by eating the Ideal Protein food. I can’t say enough about tremendous knowledge, caring concern, and support that I have enjoyed and benefited from the coaching sessions with Dr. Kim. His coaching made ALL the difference many times in the beginning when I felt deprived from not eating “the foods that I normally would eat”. He always talked me through why, my body was craving those things, and how “we” could break that cycle. The coaching always allowed me to feel there was a light at the end of the tunnel, even if I didn’t see it at the time!!

At one point Dr. Kim said to me “you have to love yourself enough to do this”, I will never forget those very inspiring words which were so true. So much focus in my life was on other things, my career, my family, and organizations where I served on the board. My health always took last place.

I think every person’s “why”should be defined for them as they enter into the ideal protein program. Why are they here? Why did the weight escalate to need this program? Why are they going to stick to the program? On days when we all struggle, I would reflect on these thoughts, and could say to myself…. thin and healthy feels better than any fattening food tastes.

I’m still in the weight-loss phase and have about 35 more pounds to lose. My next goal will be to maintain this weight-loss and continue working with Dr. Kim through phase 2,3 and 4. We’ve discussed continuing with my nutritional supplements and implementing an exercise program – I look forward to jumping into that and toning and firming up.

Frances Shinn Eckberg

The medically supervised weight loss program is TOP NOTCH. Dr. Brandon Kim is the absolute Best! He has helped me lose 37 pounds in just 3 months on the Ideal Protein program and best of all, I learned to lose it the Health Way, without starving myself, back-breaking exercise, invasive surgery, or dangerous narcotics.
I went from a size 16 to an 8 and hope to reach my goal weight in the next two months. The program initially seems pricey, but when you consider how much you spending on getting and being fat, unhealthy and miserable, Ideal Protein is a solid investment in happiness!
Thankful and Happy,

Lupita Zamora

Never having to worry about my weight in my youth, I was stunned to find myself well over-weight in my middle age. Like many women entering middle age the pounds kept coming and nothing seemed to work – I tried other diets including Atkins and Southbeach only to find I was continuing to gain more weight.

After ballooning to over 200lbs and becoming increasingly frustrated with the inability to lose weight I attended an informational seminar presented by Dr. Brandon Kim and everything clicked. I now understood why the weight gain had happened and why following the Ideal Protein program the weight was now coming off! I am so grateful for the day I found Dr. Kim and Ideal Protein. Dr. Kim has been a phenomenal coach and I could not have completed the program without his coaching, support and encouragement. The best part of the program was being supervised by a medical doctor. I am at my “ideal” weight now and have my life back!

Ken Lindow, CPA

I wanted to let everyone at Camelback Health Care know that I am extremely pleased with the quality of care I have received over the years for my general health services. However, more specifically I recently used your weight loss program, Ideal Protein, and have lost 50 pounds! More importantly, the weight loss has permitted to me to live a normal life again. I have the energy that I had 30 years ago and the weight loss has permitted me to completely eliminate my Type II diabetes medications. The fact that I am no longer classified as Type II Diabetic is totally amazing to me – Thanks a Million!

Gary Weihert

At almost 400 pounds and feeling that I was out of options, being a patient already at Camelback Health Care I knew about Dr. Brandon Kim’s weight-loss seminar. So I decided to attended his meeting and after the seminar I felt I could do this and be successful. I have been on Ideal Protein for 9 ½ months now and have lost 143 pounds. I only have about 60 pounds more to lose. His program and education has shown me a healthy way to lose weight without starving myself, back-breaking exercise or invasive surgery. I have a lot more energy and the weight loss has permitted me to completely eliminate my Type II diabetes medication and high blood medications. The fact that I am no longer classified as Type II Diabetic is totally amazing. I can’t say enough about tremendous knowledge, caring concern, and support that I have enjoyed and benefited from the coaching sessions with Dr. Brandon Kim. Thank you Camelback Health Care!

*Disclaimer: While Camelback Health Care weight loss program is life changing and effective, the results may vary from patient to patient, depending on each individual’s motivation, medical condition, and ability to comply with the program. While it is the goal to help achieve weight loss success, some patients may not successfully complete the program or achieve weight loss. Not every patient will be a candidate for the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program. The results stated on this website is specific to each individual patient and is intended as an example. There is no guarantee that such specific results will be achieved for everyone.