Bio-Identical Hormone Center

Bio-Identical Hormones

Today, there are many choices when it comes to providers who specialize in bio-identical hormone therapy.  Many providers of bio-identical hormones are either naturopathic doctors, OB/GYN, Med Spas, and wellness centers. However, most are not part of a comprehensive and integrated health care system. There is no integration between primary main stream family medicine and age management.

The Bio-identical Hormone Center is part of Camelback Health Care. That means that the patients get synergistic treatment that combines the best of traditional family medicine with the holistic expertise of the Bio-Identical Hormone Initiative trained and certified physician and providers – the same primary care doctors and providers that you know and trust. We believe that obtaining the most optimal vitality starts with strong foundation in medicine complemented by effective and proven holistic care. We are passionate about our patient’s health, quality of life, and obtaining the most optimal youthful vitality. We offer it all in one place with the most sophisticated training and care. Simple and Effective. That’s the way we like it.

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